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AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold has become one of the most fascinating and useful desktop software for the people around the world. The software can be installed on cross-platforms and stays compatible with both Windows and Mac, and even with Android and iOS. With the desktop icon, one can enjoy the features and can access this software quite easily. One doesn’t need to open the web browser and search for the software every time. It is an interface which allows the users to surf the web, play games, watch movies, etc. The software was upgraded from AOL to AOL Desktop Gold  Download in the year 2017. With its security features, one can stay relaxed about the personal data remaining safe. With AOL email, you can also send emails to different mail recipients. The AOL mail can also be synced with other email accounts. You can easily steps to Download, Install or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from its official website. After the software was updated in the recent year, the privilege of accessing it for free has been taken away. The users can take a free trial for the month, but after that, they are required to take the subscription. And if you are already an AOL gold user and is wishing to upgrade, then it is also really easy to transfer the data to the updated version.

Why has This Software Gained Such Immense Popularity?

There are many reasons why this desktop software has become one of the favorites of internet users. With so much to offer, and also the availability of 24 hourly AOL Desktop Gold support, this is one application that you will surely look forward to downloading. You can have a look at a few of the features given below and for more, you can always visit the official website.


AOL Desktop Gold

Addressing the Problems in AOL Desktop Gold:

Every coin has its two sides and so does this software. If AOL Gold has pros to offer, so one cannot ignore the cons. There can be few technical hiccups that are associated with this software, but they can be easily resolved by availing AOL support. And if you don’t want these errors in the future and want the frequency to be reduced to a minimum, then always keep in mind to download AOL Desktop Gold from the official site.


  • AOL Desktop Gold icon has gone missing
  • Issues in the automatic update and it stops working
  • Installation errors while installing the software
  • AOL Desktop Gold Login Errors
  • Error code 104
  • Frequent errors in the software and failing to respond
  • Password reset troubles
  • AOL address book contacts have gone missing
  • Unable to update the software to the new version
  • Not able to login AOL Gold via Microsoft outlook
  • Unable to sync the AOL mail to other email accounts.
  • The software shows that it is not compatible with some operating systems
  • Unable to avail the subscription

The best way to resolve these errors is to install the software once again if nothing seems to work.

AOL Desktop Problem

Frequently Asked Question

It may happen that accidentally the users have disabled the automatic update feature from the setting. This issue can be easily resolved by following the basic troubleshooting steps.

  • Go to the start menu and type update
  • Look for windows update and select that option
  • Then you need to go to the Settings, and select the box which says Important updates and put a checkmark on “Install updates automatically”
  • Now select the box which reads as “Provide me recommended and important updates”
  • Hit enter and apply the changes.

You can easily How to restore AOL Desktop Gold missing icon and drag it back to the desktop. The steps for the same are.

  • Bring your mouse cursor to the system tray.
  • Click on the arrow pointing upwards
  • Select the option of customizing icons
  • Look for AOL Desktop Gold icon
  • Select it and drag it to the desktop
  • Create a shortcut if you want.
Frequently Asked Question

Complete Instruction About AOL Desktop Gold Software Team:

AOL Desktop Install may produce several issues from time to time to the users and lead you into the troubled state. It is the of the most engaging software that provides you full support in internet access and browsing. It can take you to the world of entertainment in terms of accessing music, video, and games. You can enjoy the best version of music and can stream video with an amazing experience. You can also play games with a faster browsing speed. It offers several that enhance the user experience and offers you the best support and assistance. Now you can imagine what will happen if you get an issue. you will be cut down from the whole world of the internet, and this may be a frustrating situation for you. In such situations, you need to call at AOL desktop gold customer number for detailed and easy support and professional guidance. You will be guided by the expert and professional of AOL desktop gold that will save a lot of time and money and make you able to access the AOL gold with the same user experience. You can contact at any time of moment when you get such an issue. experts will be available 24X7 to assist you and guide you. Your issues will be accessed by remote accessing methods that is the advanced method to solve the issue. In this method, experts will be accessing your device by taking your promise, and you will only have to see what they are doing and easily fix the issue. AOL experts are well-versed in all the difficult situations and handle it quickly to take you out of the situation. You will get a customer friendly support system to address your issue quite patiently. They will listen to your issue and then provide you the perfect solution to avoid future issues as well. So you can easily get expert and professional support without going anywhere. You only need to sit on your chair, enjoying the weather and solve the issue easily and efficiently with an expert touch.

Reasons for Opting for AOL Desktop Gold Customer Support?

As discusses above, desktop software can get troubled with some errors and snags. If you feel that you are unable to solve them on your own, then why not avail AOL Desktop Gold support service? With its help, you will be able to avail:


  • 24-hour tech support via email, chat, and call.
  • Guidance of professionals in any matter related to the software.
  • Solutions that are guaranteed to annihilate the issue from its base.
  • A platform for 100% customer satisfaction.