AOL Password Not Working on iPhone


If you are not able to use your AOL email on your iPhone, then this situation can be a little challenging to resolve on your own. However, by using this guide, you can quickly resolve the password issue of your AOL email that you are witnessing in your iPhone. You can try to enter the password again or can try to reset the AOL password.

Why Your AOL Password Is Not Working On iPhone?

There can be various reasons, which can be responsible for the not working situation of your AOL password. Some of them are:

  • You may be entering the incorrect password.
  • There is no internet connectivity on your iPhone.
  • Sometimes wrong IMAP and SMTP settings can be responsible for it.
  • Due to the presence of viruses, too, you may not be able to access your AOL email.

How to Fix the Password Issue in AOL Email?

For resolving this issue, you can try to do the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check whether you have an active internet connection and check whether the cellular data or Wi-Fi is on or not.
  • Make sure to check that the AOL email server is up from the main source.
  • While entering the password, check to see that you are entering the correct AOL email password.
  • Try to restart your iPhone as sometimes can fix every small problem

Even after executing the solution steps, if the problem persists, then you can try to do the following things:

  1. Re-enter the password of AOL again on the password and account page of iPhone settings.
  2. You have to force ‘restart’ your iPhone to see whether your problem is fixed or not.
  3. You can try to delete your AOL email from your iPhone, and after restarting the device, you have to set the AOL email again on your iPhone.
  4. If you are still not able to get hold of your AOL account, then you need to reset your password for solving this issue.

Even after executing these steps, you are not able to get hold of your AOL email account; then, you have to take the help from the experts. You can reach out to professionals by calling AOL Help Number, which stays accessible at all hours without any fail.