Reinstall New Version of AOL Desktop Gold

Reinstall New Version of AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Gold Software Download

AOL Desktop Gold works as an efficient desktop browser and search engine, but many times the users can get worried about the technical glitches associated with it. There can arise different issues while browsing this software, and some of the common errors include icon not responding or missing, not able to login to AOL mail, AOL mail blerk error, update issues, etc. For every issue there is a specific troubleshooting method that needs to be implemented. But sometimes when the solutions do not work properly, then the best way is to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold in the operating system. This will help you to tackle the issues and will remove all the errors that the software is getting associated with. In order to initiate the process of AOL desktop gold download, you would be first required to uninstall it and then install it back again.

How to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from the system?

There are two ways by which you can implement this process

Method 1

  • Right click on the AOL Desktop icon on the Window screen
  • From the menu-bar that opens, tap on uninstall.
  • Select Okay

Method 2

  • Click on the Windows start icon on the display screen of the system
  • After that go to Control Panel and then choose Programs
  • Now in the menu bar, go to Programs and Features
  • Search ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ and select the option to uninstall it
  • Follow the instructions and complete the process.

How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold?

If you have Advantage plan membership, then you can easily install the software. If you have taken this membership, then you can implement the AOL gold install  free process in the system and that too without many worries.

  • First of all, you uninstall any previous version of Desktop Gold from the system, which has already been discussed above.
  • It is better to download the AOL program all together again, as the extension in the system can be corrupt.
  • You can scan the extension in the system to see whether it has been damaged or not
  • Before reinstalling, disable the security programs and the anti-virus installed
  • After that download AOL Desktop Gold in the system by following the same procedure that you had performed in the first time
  • Go to file explorer, search for AOL Desktop installation file and right click on it. After that, select the option of ‘Run as an administrator.’
  • Install the file in the system.

This will help you to solve almost all the issues that were occurring in the first time with the software. Reinstalling AOL Gold can be done in a straightforward manner either by the extension if it is not corrupt or by starting the whole procedure again. It depends on from system to system.

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